Our special herd of Piedmontese cattle naturally produce a very healthy beef. We farm in harmony with the environment and our winter feed is mostly based on meadow hay which is better for the cattle and the late cut of hay gives the hare and the pheasant a chance to rear their young.

Our calves are reared by their mother until they are ten months old. They graze outdoors for 9 months a year and they go indoors for the 3 coldest months. Animal welfare and animal husbandry are a huge priority. We put a lot of time and effort into our cattle to make sure they have the best of feed and comfort.

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farming with nature


Blackcastle farm is a Bord Bia approved farm with an abundance of biodiversity and wildlife. I love my farm and I am committed to the environment, biodiversity, and sustainable farming management. I have left hedgerows uncut for 10 years to allow birds and other wildlife to flourish on the farm. There is an ancient ring fort on the farm that has been untouched for generations.

No pesticides are used on Blackcastle farm and as a result we have lots of wildflowers and dandelions. This year we have planted an acre of wildflowers which we also hope will help the bees thrive on our farm.