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Tune in to Ear to the Ground Thursday

November 11th, 2020

Tune in to Ear to The Ground on this Thursday evening on RTE  to hear all about Tipperary Farmer John Commins and his healthy beef and plans to diversify.

A full Ear to The  Ground Crew arrived to Blackcastle Farm for a full day of filming in October. It was a very exciting day for us, the Commins family who had a great day with the crew. The kids got to see how the  production team worked. The family spent the day with the great Ear to The  Ground team and learned about filming, sound and production. Sarah our daughter and her friend Mary who are both transition year students were fascinated. 

Although the forecast was for very bad rain and storms the  day turned out to be great and bright. The  crew spent lots of time in the  fields with John  and the cattle and the rest of the time in  our new food unit  with the family and our great staff team. They filmed and interviewed our team making all our beef products and  Helen interviewed us in relation to the business and our committment to sustainable farming.

Outside we had some demonstrarion  workshops going on including  outdoor oven making, smoking beef and stone wall building. In addition, Paula the producer of Ear to The Ground has a great chat with Seamus  Butler, a local fisherman who fished for Ireland and who plans to  do workshops with Blackcastle Farm, fishing on the  local Drish  River and cooking and smoking  the  fish in Blackcastle farm.

Tune in  next Thursday evening to hear all about Blackcastle Farm on  Ear to the  Ground.